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11/25/2012 - Results of Week #2 of League Play

The second week of league play concluded with the following results:

Team Benson over Team Stearns

Team Fry over Team McLean

Team Kobe over Team McCabe

The resulting standings can be found here.


We will be having a Open Curling/Skills week on December 2nd.

Week #3 of League Play occurs on December 9th. 

The schedule is as follows:

Team McCabe v Team Benson on Sheet #2

Team Kobe v Team Magnus on Sheet #3

Team McLean v Team Stearns on sheet #4

Team Fry has the bye.

11/18/2012 - Results of Week #1 of League Play

The first week of league play concluded with the following results:

Team Stearns over Team Magnus by forfeit

Team Benson over Team McLean

Team Fry over Team McCabe

The resulting standings can be found here.

Week #2 of League Play occurs on November 25th. 

The schedule is as follows:

Team Stearns v Team Benson on Sheet #2

Team McLean v Team Fry on Sheet #3

Team McCabe v Team Kobe on sheet #4

Team Magnus has the bye.

Big Announcement for Arena Curlers

USCA has announced that a new National Arena Curling Championship has been created.  The first will be held on July 18-21 in Indiana.

More details can be read here.  There is also a competition for a pin design.

Anyone in our club interested in making a go for either competition?


Team Selection Complete!

League team selection was completed on the evening of November 4th.  The teams were selected as follows:

Team #1

Phyllis Magnus


Judy Meagher
Loring Porter
Sarah Wardner
Team #2

Tom McCabe


Mac Rand
Michelle Brown-Garcia
Colleen Porter
Team #3

Jeff McLean


Elaine Sater
Mark Friedman
Allan Powers
Team #4

Bryan Stearns


Ed Cattell
Jackie Haynes
Tim Northrup
Team #5

Pete Benson


Eric Damour
David Lauzon
Tom McKernan
Team #6

Al Fry


Amber McKernan
Willie Sheridan
Team #7

David Kobe


Beth Benson
Gene Garcia

Team Selection Process

After a fair amount of discussion amongst the LPCC Board, a new procedure will be implemented this year to determine League teams.  A new procedure was developed because it was felt that players were being forced into specific positions and both skips and players were reluctant to suggest re-arrangement of team positions.  The new team selection procedure is designed to identify which players make up a team.  Each team is then to sort out player positions amongst themselves and can change those positions from one game to the next as they see fit.

The team selection process will go as follows:

Step #1) All those players who marked on their registration forms that they were willing to play the Skip position will participate in a draw to determine whether they will be a Skip or not.  Those that are chosen to be Skips will not participate in the team selection process until the final step below.

Step #2) Each beginner player will draw a team number randomly from a set of team tags.  The team tags will be numbered from 1 to TBD and duplication of team numbers will be minimized as much as possible to reduce the number of teams with more than one beginner.

Step #3) All remaining players (including those who failed to become a Skip in Step #1) will draw a team number from another set of team tags.  These tags will be made up of the remaining positions available for each team excluding the Skip position.

At this point, we should have TBD number of teams with 3 players each (2 if membership numbers are such that we are required to have three player teams).

Step #4) Each Skip chosen in Step #1 will then choose a team number from a set of team tags with no duplicates.  This will identify which Skip belongs to which set of players.

Each team will then need to discuss their desired playing positions and the Skips will make final determination as to what positions the players will play for each game.

Learn to Curl Wraps Up!

Second week of Learn To Curl was completed last night with 5 new participants.  Once the club roster has been determined later this week, we will be ready for League Team Selection on Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 7pm!

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